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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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messed the 12th consecutive game and given the suspension on january 6th. yesterday prior to the lakers game, flip saunder aggress what wassy disastrous -- saunders addressed what was a disastrous offcourt season. [ indiscernible ] >> and we understand it is what it is and got to the point, you know nothing god is coming out of it. >> reporter: the wizards released a statement which said, in part, both players violated d.c. laws and nba rules by bringing guns into the locker room and their poor judgment violated the trust of our fans and stands in contrast to everything abe poland stood for throughout his life and arenas will serve a 50-game suspension, the third longest non-drug-related suspension in nba history following ron artest latrell spree we'll and the suspension will cost him over $7 million in salary. >> dave feldman live in the
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newsroom. thank you. this is in northeast d.c. the more back lash against d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee's alarming accusations. she said some of the teachers she filed last fall sexually and physically saulted students. tonights, a protest outside of the school administrative building. roz plater has the latest. >> reporter: the protest was organizeinized by some of the fired teachers and their supporters. it's reaction to the controversial comments that she made last week. some protestors have called on the mayor to fire the school chancellor michelle rhee. last summer, she fired, as recall, more than 250 teachers and what she said were necessary because of the budget cuts. the teachers and the union consistently questioned the move and last week, she was caught saying she got rid of teacher who, quote, hit children, had sex with children and missed 78 days of school. the teachers say that was the
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last straw. >> shewill make any negative comments and will do anything at any cost for her political a joined a.rhee is above the law. repeat after me, enough is enough! enough is enough! >> rhee must go! >> rhee must go! of course, yesterday, the chancellor released a statement saying she was talking about a minority of the teachers who were let go and during that interview. the teachers say that is not enough for them. they're meeting with some of the members of the city council next week to plan their next move. we'll follow it. thank you. a man accused in a vicious crime against a local college student will stay behind bars accused of raping a teenager in a campus bathroom. the crime put the school on lockdown yesterday. tonight, fox 5s sherri ly is live in rockville with today's developments at the county
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courthouse. >> reporter: nathanial heart appeared in court today briefly on closed-circuit tv but his bond hearing was continued until next week. that means he will be staying in jail and the details of the crime we documents and some are so disturbing, we can't repeat them all police say hart crawled under a bathroom stall and told the 19-year-old woman to be quiet and said he had a gun. for an hour, the police say he raped her repeatedly and then apologized hugging her. >> he said he did apologize to her, crying and complaining about an ex-wife and that he was worried about 2012 and he might be going to hell. >> reporter: the attack of the -- on the campus put the school on lockdown. >> and people started, like the security and policemen started running back and forth with guns and stuff. >> reporter: police caught up with heart at a motel across the street from campus. he had been one step ahead of
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officers in what they describe as a cat-and-mouse game. >> he would hide from them and they would go pass him is any into another room and business and he would go further. >> reporter: less than twin mnutes after the crime was reported, a text message went out to the college's emergency alert system but a majority of students are not signed up for the alerts and never got the message. >> i don't have the texting. >> why don't you? >> i don't know. i didn't know they had one. >> reporter: 9,000 people signed up for the alerts, although the college has 30,000 students and staff and that is the first major courtroom to test the system. >> we're conducting an after- action review of the situation and the communications anti. >> students yeveryone was calm and the system worked as planned. >> and everything was by the book and smooth. >> reporter: this is not the first time the campus had
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problems with heart, police sa he was caught sleeping in a bathroom 12 days ago. sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> and thank you very much. police confirmed the remains found on a virginia farm do, in fact, belong to a missing virginia tech student. 20-year-old morgan harrington disappeared after tanguay metallica concert in october. her body was found yesterday in a remote field about 10 miles from the venue and she was identified using dental records. >> for the first time in 101 days, i'm not seeking any --ing every minute what is he doing to my daughter now. what is he doing to her. what is she having to endure. >> the farm owner who found the body said it's so far off any access road, he could not imagine who could have left her there or how. the search is on for answers in a tragedy in metro. the most recent victims, two men working on the red line
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early tuesday morning and fox 5s john henran has the latest on investigation. >> reporter: yesterday, we could not answer the question go did the maintenance truck that rolled into the workers d it have an automatic backup alarm, beep, beep issue beep. we have the answer, it did and it was automatically disabled. a day after a mishap between two work crews killed a pair of veteran metro employees on the redline. national transportation safety board investigators continued their interviews and continued examining documents and members of the riding public wonder. >> every time i have to go on a train and i ar about something tragic, it's -- i don't know when it's going to stop. >> reporter: how safe is metro for its rail workers compared with other u.s. transit systems? the figures are not comforting for metro. the last eight years on the average between 2 and 4 transit workers die. the last five years, many
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deaths happened here and one of the two deaths in 2005 was a metro worker all three deaths nationally in 2006 were metro workers, both deaths in tape, metro workers and this latest incident involved metro workers. the last five years, more than half the rail worker deaths nationally happened in one transit system, ours. >> we need to spin more money on our infrastructure and americans don't want to spend mean on that and we have to make it safer and better. >> reporter: that is music to the ears of incoming board chairman beater -- peter benjamin. >> clearly, safety has got to be the first priority. unless we do all of the investment and make sure our employees really feel that they cared for and valued, we're not going to have a safe system. >> reporter: on tuesday, outgoing board chairman jim
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graham stated flatly that human error was responsible for the latest metro deaths call caused by a rodent -- road and rail maintenance vehicle driving backwards. >> it might have been a mechanical factor, too. the maintenance truck had a beep, beep, beep automatic alarms. when you put it in reverse it comes on. according to specifications written by metro for the purchase of the trucks found, the specifications say when that vehicle is riding on the rails, the automatic backup alarm is automatically shut off, probably because the drivers would find it annoying to hear the noe whenever they were going backwards and one has to wonder, could the two workers, maybe they could have heard it and moved out of the way of the truck and that is one of a my idea of factors the ntsb will look into and as they determine why they died. >> no doubt, we'll see had such
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changes. and it has been a rough winter and we could have more no on the way. for some, it could require lots of time with your shovel. gary, holding tout fire, how much are we talking here? >> we're talking about snow, laura. coming in. this is what we know. not a lot has changed from yesterday and i think weco can confidently say that it looks like the snow will arrive late in the evening on friday. most of us still have snow in the forecast and you have to go into pennsylvania before we think quit it's going to taper off and not be an issue. the trends have been taking the heaviest snow to the south and the big question, are we going to be able to trust the trends, are the storm track right now is still uncertain and can change and we have to watch that track very, very closely. late friday and into saturday, that is what we're looking at. we get more snow and to the
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south, we get less snow and we'll see if we can clarify this in a bit. does that answer your questions? >> no, but if i keep asking, why i will get through. >> yeah. >> possibly friday. >> thank you very much. >> see you in a bit. with the temperatures getting colder, again, the crews are still working on those water mains. an 8-inch main broke this morning, between 14th and 16th street and the break had a major impact on customers in the area. the crews expect to have repairs finished by 6:00 tonight. and to the big consumer alert affecting toyota owners. the company halted sales of eight popular models. y that the recall list because of the potential of the pedal to get stuck. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: the recall covers 2.3 million cars. it involves the rav 4s,
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corollas, mostly 2009-2010 models and also some going back as far as 2005 for the toyota avalon and involves pontiac vibes children made in a partnership with toyota. gm is right now working to determine which are effected. the good news, toyota has identified the problem pedal and knows what it needs to do to fix it. all of this is going to take awhile to get the repairs made. at dealerships across the country, the affected models are taken off of sales floors and quarantined n. silver spring, they're folding calls and checking inventory for the sticky pedal. the problem is the cts pedal. pulling the affected cars will make a big dent, especially if there is an affix before the big presidents' day weekend and still the general manager said the customers are the main concern. >> right. not a priority right now, to be honest with you and that is the most important thing is taking care of the customer. >> toyota is in discussions with the national highway
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traffic safetystration right now and they will need to approve the remedy before the cars can get fixed. coming up, how to tell if your toyota is safe. shawn. >> i have one of those recalled cars. thank you very much. we have learned rental companies are pulling toyotas from the fleets g. to for more details on the recall and look under our home page and under headlines and find out what you should do if you have a toyota. president obama hours from his first state-of-the-union address. we're live with the hot topics, bound to be on the agenda. item one, your money. plus, apple is at it again, rolling out a new toy. karen? the administration and couple still clash over the parks contract. the latest is coming up. keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is just getting started. dreams are amazing things.
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more trouble for former presidential candidate john edwards. the family friend said edwards and his wife elizabeth are separated. the family member tells "people" magazine she decided to leave her husband last month after meeting the child john fathered with his mistress. edwards publicly admitted to being the girl's father last week and elizabeth has terminal cancer and is still undergoing treatment. we're hours away from president barack obama's first state-of-the-union address. the president will address congress and the nation tonight and is expected to spend 2/3 of
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his speech on the economy. >> reporter: we received a briefing earlier this ening and much of the focus is going to be on the economy while much of what we heard is about healthcare. we're told the president will -- the first term in office and at the same time, operate vigorous defense of the agenda that brought him the white house in 2008 and a couple of things to look forward to, the president is going to highlight some of the efforts he's made the last few days and the effort two toaid the middle class and his effort to streamo line the more -- streamline a more efficient means of transporting a like the high- speed rail project to talk about in florida today and still maybe democrats are watching with a hopeful eye after watching the speech in virginia, massachusetts and ben
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cardin is o who said the president needs to come out strong tonight and make the case for changes in healthcare that will affect the economy that democrats are trying to make. >> i think americans are genuinely concerned about the future of the country and i think the president needs to show the leadership that he's focused on the economy. think he's going do that. look, the economy is where we need to put our attention. >> and healthcare is in limbo. both have passed separate versions of the bills and they're different. in the time since christmas eve when the senate passed the version, the democrats lost the supermajority in the senate and it's a critical time right now if the president wants to see the healthcare reform issue more forward, many say he's going to need to put the case on how that is going to happen. back to you. >> thank you for the preview, tom. we should mention there are several roads around the
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capitol that will be closed tonight for the state-of-the- union address. the highlighted area, if you look on, we have a map that will be affected and the streets will close around 7:30 and remain closed until the address is over and the capitol square will be restricted on authorized pedestrians only starting at 6:00. the president's address begins at 9:00 and you can watch it here live on fox 5 and we'll stream it live on the congressional black caucus is looking for ways to help haiti after the earthquake. the cbc and haitian ambassador to the united states want better leadership and more communication from the haitian government saying it's necessary to help coordinate aid coming in and to help haiti work toward recovery and building. aid is pouring in and not much in the form of cash. the american officials are sending goods and supplies saying they don't want to give cash to a government in
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disarray. 1,000 planes with food, supplies are on a waiting list to get into the airport. they trying to make sure the port in port-au-prince is stable. once they can establish, that the aid will be able to flow in more freely. fox 5 working to keep you up to date on the developments out of haiti. on, we posted everything from the latest on relief efforts to a photo gallery of the tragedy and ways that you can donate to the relief and recovery efforts on our home pain. time now to talk about the weather again and put gary mcgrady back on about the snow. >> we're trying to do that and they don't want to give it up and if the track goes off the roof, right, is that correct? there you go. >> okay. >> to be honest with you, this is going to be a tricky one and we haven't had many this year and this is tricky, i'll explain coming up. we have clouds around. it hasn't been perfectly sunny but we're had a lot of
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sunshine. temperatures into the mid-40s in washington, 42 for frederick and there is the forecast the rest of the evening, just clouds and staying dry and they will help to keep the temperatures up overnight and getting close to freezing. the winds 5 to 15. i know we're talking snow, okay, for friday night into saturday and before we talk about snow, let's talk about 50 degrees and we'll do that in just a few. >> thank you very much, gary. we're sendin-- sending congratulations to two local high school students who are awarded in search and seizure. he's a student in silver spring and found a potential breakthrough in curing eye disease and the other local standout is temple douglas in alexandrea. she found a newway to diagnose lyme disease. both have a shot at a $100,000 pze. congratulations to them. apple has unfailed the -- unveiled the newist gadget, the eye pad in san francisco.
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steve jobs showed off the device he said is a cross between a smart phone and laptop. you can browse the web and manipulate the pages with the fingers. the eye pad is 1 1/2 points -- pounds and has 10-hour battery life and the price is 499. your computer could be vulnerable to hackers if you use some verses of internet explorer reuters -- for an attack. a microsoft spokesman recomnts upgrading to interstate explorer 8. last week, microsoft patched other flaws that could allow attacks. customs officials make a bizarre bust. who what one man tried to smuggle in his underwear. still ahead tonight. remembering the 65th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. one survivor's powerful story at the holocaust museum. lisa, your family thinks you might have roaster phobia.
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>> reporter: a solemn remembrance at the auschwitz camp in poland. 65 years ago today, the soldiers liberated the nazi camp. 150 survivors, including one wearing the old gray and blue striped prison uniform returned to remember the life lost there and meanwhile -- the u.s. holocaust memorial museum honors those who died and those who survived every day. >> today brought more poignant reminders. one survivor shared his memories and the day he was set free. claudia coffey has his story. >> reporter: at the u.s. holocaust museum, a quiet moment to honor those who lost their leaves at auschwitz. mean those in the crowds, this survivor. henry greenbaum. >> i said this place -- . >> he shared the story with others, diplomats and tourists who gathered at the museum to mark the 65th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. >> every day, i say a prayer,
5:26 pm
whatever i can remember and -- and i was aside it and i don't know >> reporter: he remembers being loaded into a cattle train in poland, three days traveling without food or water. >> and the different languages, immunity to hear us. and no wonder you're giving us -- . >> reporter: in his arm, you can see the tattooed number he was given in auschwitz and he heard the stories of the exterminations, the atrocities and he accepted what his fate might be. >> and too long. i don't have work for you here. >> reporter: greeno baum was 17 years old when auschwitz was liberated and said it was a day he clearly remembers, a day he thought might never done.
5:27 pm
>> the one from the hedge and really tice place -- crew cut and -- somebody in my group wants to talk english. he started yelling. >> reporter: the lessons and of auschwitz and the holocaust can never be forgotten. >> to learn that it happened to any. >> reporter: claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> what a story. he volunteers at the museum doing tours for school children and reunited with three siblings following the war. all of them are living here in washington. the d.c. council is taking a contract controversy head on. and one of the key players in the multimillion investigation was a no show today. the details coming up next. 
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>> right now, the big stories we're following. the nba commissioner has suspended washington wizards player gilbert arenas and crittenton for the rest of the season. the suspension comes after they pleaded guilty to gun charges. a man accused of raping a 19- year-old student in montgomery college will stay in jail and police say hart climbed under a bathroom stall yesterday and raped the student repeatedly. he was arrested near the campus. the judge ordered his bond hearing to be continued until next week. investigating a deadly accident that killed two metro employees. the maintenance truck that backed into the workers did have an automatic back upalarm and may have been automatically disabled. the countdown is on for the president's first state-of-the- union address. he will talk to the nationality a tough time for the country
5:32 pm
and his administration. shepherd smith is live with a preview of what we can expect. thanks for joining us. what does the president need to accomplish? >> reporter: he needs to get his sea legs back about him and restore some degree of trust that government can move forward and can operate under the hope and change umbrella that he had hoped they would be able to. he had a luncheon with the network news anchors this morning or this afternoon, actually and i can tell you in general, the tone was good. the president is very much focused on getting jobs back and convincing the american people that is something that can be accomplished. he said he would lay out a number of different proposals to make that hpen. the jobs are at the top of the list. >> he'll also focus on the middle class. why is that important for his administration? >> reporter: it's the middle class the polls suggest suffer the most. the job losses were felt and the middle class, really, where hope is something that for a lot of people, faded.
5:33 pm
if you're sitting on the unemployment lines for 11, 12 months, you know, it's hard to be hopeful when you try to get on people's tables and shoes on the kids feet. he's going to offer, ande know this from other releases, he'll offer tax credits for small businesses and real incentives for businesses to bring in more employees and keep them over the long period. not short-term, but long-term for families to make plans. >> we know that virginia's new republican governor will deliver the gop response. is there any significance, do you think, to using mcdonald? >> i ow that the spot itself is going to be significant, shawn. they doing it in the statehouse there, would be the commonwealth house in virginia, at least w an invited audience, friendly's in the room and you make it feel like a state-of- the-union address and the republicans will have plenty say after what happened after with healthcare and the jobless numbers remains high. it's a political night in a big a. -- way. the president is focused on making sure the people have a
5:34 pm
bit of hope and the change is on the way. >> thank you for the preview, we appreciate it. the president's address beginning at 9:00 tonight. you can watch it live here on fox 5 and we'll stream it live on another friend of the mayor, a no show for the cancelled prks contract hearing. ask council members vow serious consequences this time. karen gray houston is here now with the latest person to ignore the subpoena. >> reporter: it's the second time skinner was scheduled to appear. the council members looking into unetcal contracting concerns say this time he ignored a subpoena and now they outraged. so mad that they showed a video of the server going to issue skinner the subpoena. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: when council member harry thomas gaveled the hearing to order, the witness chair was empty and lawmakers were fious. >> the affront to the public by the behavior of both the executive branch and the
5:35 pm
particular witness, mr.sen clare skinner s appalling. >> reporter: skinner is a friend and fraternity brother of mayor fenty and a former paid campaign worker. the council members say he has ties to several companies and they think he's connected to banniker's interest, the company overseeing work on recreation center projects and they wanted to ask about that so after he ignored the first request to testify, they sent someone to photograph the server serving him a ubpoena. it's a did appointing day if this body continues to allow people to ignore subpoenas. >> reporter: the whole controversy started when millions of for parks projects were diverted around the normalla council for review process. contracts were resubmitted and the school facility's office is overseeing them. >> this is one of the projects on the list. the mayor was here this week promising a brand-new rec center by next january. four months ahead of schedule. but there is stillup finished business.
5:36 pm
the matter of the $2.5 million check that went to banniker's ventures on christmas eve after the contract was disapproved. council members say some of the work they charged for may not have been done. the city auditor is looking into it. >> this is what happens when the council who have an attention span which is very limited, try to get in and micromanage a contract. >> reporter: the attorney general said that banniker claimed it relied on the d.c. housing authority and believes it's entitled to compensation and i spoke to the attorney and maintains he was not properly served. >> and thank you very much. encouraging update on a young boy who was suffering from leukemia and robbed. we told you about the video here. he's stealing his mother's purse. inside, all of their money and
5:37 pm
gift cards for toys and the boy's medicine. the aunt held run a cutjathon trying to raise mean for his medical treatments. it went well and chase, however s still struggling. >> i think he's overwhelmed and he's not feeling well as is expected and definitely have slow days and tired from all of that. the treatments that go along with leukemia and he's the scary, overwhelmed and so grateful. he knows what is going and i think he's grateful. >> grateful because they raised money. one man paid her $100 for a free haircut and they'll cut until 8:30 tonight in roslyn. hopefully they'll raise a lot of mean. >> yeah. if you're struggling to pay your bills, listen up. >> we have real tips to get your expenses down and credit rating up.
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coming up next. and jeff bower is not immuned. the star of "24" winds up the victim of a scam. who swindled him still ahead. om
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>> if you were struggling it to 53 off your credit card debt, listen up. there are two things to do. concentrate on the card with the highest interest rate and pay the minimum on the other debts. you will save the most mean. second, if you have trouble sticking with thfirst idea, focus on the lowest balance first and paying the minimum on the higher-rate card and to help build momentum for you. a bizarre bust overseas. the german man caught trying to board a plane in new zealand with 44 small lessards stuffed in his underwear. the judge sentenced him to 14 weeks behind bars and slapped him with a $3,500 fine. the lizards are under the
5:42 pm
country's protected species list and may have been worth $2,800 a piece in europe. lizards in your underwear. hmm, interesting. >> you can imagine that? >> no. >> rocket science. [ laughter ] all right, apparently, a real blast of winter weather is headed our way. >> the question is how much snow can we expect? gary has the full forecast next. hey, get your pants off the ground, looking like a fool, talking with your pants on the ground. plus, general larry has explaining to do in the wanna be aisle crooner accused of stealing the song. tmz has the scoop on that at 5:50. dreams are amazing things.
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>> the basketball player for american university but his talents are not limited to the court. >> he's making his mark away
5:46 pm
from the game. >> reporter: nick's been one of the keys to american university's recent success. back-to-back patriot league titles and consecutive trips to the ncaa turn 5789 and he plays a major role in his other pack and he's good at that, too job guys who can do this normally can't do this. ♪ >> reporter: there is nothing normal about him. he's a starting guard for american university and a accomplished pianist, an instrument he began playing at the age of 7. >> i started to get the gravitational pull toward that and started to like music more and understand it better. ness with i gotgoing -- going,
5:47 pm
i had -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: while his mother is -- to the piano, miss his father introduced him music business. his dad was known as ian faith, the fictitious band manager in the classic comedy spinal tap. >> quite frankly, kind of useful. well, heavy rock and that is quite often. >> an acquired taste. some people think it's funny and some, yeah, a waist of time. >> reporter: he's not wasting his time. besides playing basketball and a piano, he's also working on a double major in international business and finance. >> not your normal college kid. he has interest, you know, beyond the normal parameters. making him interesting to coach
5:48 pm
and -- joe while he's not sure what will become of the professional future, he knows the piano will be there in some way, shape or form. >> i think after college, they do fun things on cards and maybe it can entertain people at dinner parties. >> reporter: dave ross, fox 5. >> that is a great start. they host navy tonight at thunder and we'll have highlights at the american university basketball banquet and they wanted to know what was going be in the movies and everything about spinal tap. it was cool. >> what a multitalented family. >> yeah. >> and that man was not an athlete and he's such a good basketball player. >> oh. >> and he doesn't get tired of it but everyone wants to ask him about his dad. >> well-round. >> yeah.
5:49 pm
>> great story. and you where talking to do. >> a lot of talking. >> when are we going to get totals? >> tomorrow. >> and i know, i'm sorry. yesterday, a half an inch to 6 inches and it's coming down. it may take a southern track and doesn't mean we're going to stay dry, though. you can see clouds out there and that is the trend for this evening. not talking about overnight tonight and that will keep the temperatures up a bit. the forecast for 11:00 or so, 37 degrees. tomorrow morning, 36 degrees and a few clouds at noon with the temperature of 46 degrees or so. and 43 here in the city. notice the colder temperatures to the northwest of us and very cold in the northern plains and this is opinion, too, the next few days. 6, parko; 3, bismarck and there is that will effect the storm
5:50 pm
system. the high pressure to the north of us, fridathrough saturday and the cold air comes in. what happens, the area of low pressure's coming out of the south. if they can go to the north, we end up getting more snow out of it and if they move to the south, of course, we end up getting less snow and that deal is, we're thinking the cold air will get into the carolinas. the area of low pressure will not, can not and in no way come into the cold air. so we're thinking the trend here will continue to show the low pressure, staying to the south and for us, that means less snow. we should stay on the northern edge of accumulating snow here and that is coming through friday and into saturday and we're had variable clouds through the day and you can see some snow back out to the west of us. this is with the area of cold air coming in tomorrow and into friday and that really sets the
5:51 pm
stage for the snow to start flying late saturday night. we showed it along the west coast and come around the four corners region and will bring good snowfall totals for places in arizona, the higher elevations, of course, as well as utah and new mexico and colorado, too and tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., we'll have cloudin here and the clouds overnight will keep the temperatures up a bit. you see a lot of snow to the west-northwest of us. no big deal. the temperatures will get up to around 50 degrees and maybe lower 50s and down south as we end up with good amounts of sunshine by the afternoon and all that snow went away, though. by tomorrow night, the colder air will spread on in and by friday afternoon at 5:00, look, the snow is to the west of us and that looks like we could get the entire day friday in dry and the evening commute and
5:52 pm
into friday night on saturday, that is when we're thinking the snow is coming acrs. saturday morning, accumulating snow for us and into the southern section of pennsylvania, the snow will shut off and looks like the light snowfall amounts will be right up into the northern maryland and into central secs of pennsylvania and to the south, where we're expecting the heaviest to be and that will go on through the day on saturday and tomorrow, starting off with clouds and warm up to 50 degrees and with late afternoon sunshine. the temperature crashes, the cold air comes in on friday, pm snow and up to 32, snowy on saturday and we remain cold after this. the pattern change and we do have cold air coming in to stay for awhile and i think by tomorrow, we're probably going to show snowfall totals. >> okay. >> she wants that. i know. >> thank you for putting up with me, gary. >> no worries. >> i have people breathing down my neck.
5:53 pm
general larry platte is apparently not the first person to sing about crooked hat s and goy pants. a hip-hop duo from michigan claims pants on the ground is a takeoff on a song they recorded in 1996. tmz executive producer harvey levin joins us from l.a. is the pair looking to sue over this? >> they haven't said they're going to sue. larry hasn't made mean either and said he got ripped off and turns out he may have ripped the group off. have you heard the song? >> i have. not a catchy tune. >> although some would disagree with me. >> i'm not talking about pants on the -- . >> the original? >> have you heard the original which is back pockets on the ground. >> no, no. >> you want to sing for us? >> no. back pockets on the floor and i can tell you based on my
5:54 pm
classically trained musical ear, it's extremely similar, laura. all right. >> and let's go to cover sutherland. prosecutors are saying he was roped into a scam that ended up costing him nearly $1 million? what happened in this one? >> it's an amazing story. we had -- he did a cowboy movie and got into the rodeo, cowboy thing and won a roping, a bunch of roping contests. he was into buying and selling cattle and got in this guy in northern california who was ying steer from mexico and then selling it in california and gave the guy $866,000 the guy basically never bought the cattle he was going to buy and kiefer lost the money. the guy is being prosecuted for 12 felonies and kiefer was a victim in this and it's crazy that he's involved in rodeo stuff. all right, harvey levine, we'll
5:55 pm
see you at tmz on tv. and let's check in with brian bolter and the news edge at 6. sounds like it's out of hollywood. for one d.c. judge, the drama is too real. stocked by her ex-girlfriend, found the woman living in her attic spying on her, dramatic testimony at 6. and if you're wondering if that toyota recall effects you, see which two letter -- letters on your car holda than -- that answer. and looking at the gadgets with everyone talking. apple unveiled the new ipad tablet s. it worth your $500? the news edge is next. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful.
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>> the son of a hollywood superstar plead guilty to drug trafficking. michael douglas' son cameron admitted he shuttled massive amounts of cocaine and meth. he was arrested last summer and put on house arrest until the girlfriend was accused of trying to smuggle heroinbo his home and he could face 10 years
5:59 pm
in prison. and the news is far from over. >> the in the sick starts right now. -- the news edge at 6 starts right now. president obama all smiles outside of the white house, hours before making his first state-of-the-union address. the first speech, a chance for him to talk directly to the american people. he's trying to regain the public's confidence at a krillical time and new poll numbers showing less than half of the americans are doing a good job. the approval ratings dropping from 68% to 48% in one year, january to january and the white house said president obama will use the speech to explain to americans why thinks they're angry. issue one, the economy. he'll spend 2/3 of his speech on that and an update on the wars in iraq and in afghanistan and how he plans to


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